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Talent Portraits Option 10

For Actors / Actresses, headshots photos and an showreel vital tools to you booking roles.  

Portrait portfolio package session with Maggie as photographer, to produce ten images for you.  Including a variety of headshots (head/shoulders), mid length (head to knees), and full length photos to choose from.  With plenty of time in your session to have several changes of clothes, or variations of glasses on and off if you wear them, or hair up and down etc as you wish within the session.  

Photo shoots can take place at a studio or location convenient to you within London, Cambridgeshire, or Essex.  Using portable studio kit shooting against white studio background, with studio lighting; or shooting outside in daylight depending on weather.

Package includes ten photos provided digitally for you/the talent you represents casting applications and PR/Press use: £850

Optional extra: for a Make-Up Artist/Hairstylist please add £175 to the above package.

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Portraits Portfolio Option 5

Portrait portfolio package session with Maggie as photographer, to produce three headshots (head/shoulders), one mid length (head to knees) image, and one full length photo.  

Photo shoots can take place at a Studio/Location convenient to you within London, Cambridgeshire or Essex.  Using portable studio kit shooting against white studio background, with studio lighting; or shooting outside in daylight depending on weather.

Package includes 5 photos provided digitally: £450

Optional extra: Make-Up Artist/Hairstylist additional £165.

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Portraits Portfolio Option 3

£300 for up to 2.5 hrs session with Photographer, with 3 images (1 headshot, 3/4 length, 1 full length).

Optional extra: Make-Up Artist/Hairstylist for this package £150.

Photo: studio portrait by photographer Hackney London

Portrait Option 1

Headshots need to be updated regularly.  Also if you’ve changed your hair colour/style/length, it’s time to change / update your actor headshots too.  

This first foot and/or refresher sesh package includes a photo-shoot session with photographer Maggie, to create your one stand out headshot image.  Your selected strongest/best image will be processed from raw and colour corrected, as well as lightly retouched; converted into web and print sizing and black & white and colour and provided digitally for you/your agent to use to promote you as an actor / actress / model.

One head/shoulders stills photography image included. 

Headshot Portrait Package C:  150

Optional extra: Add a Make-Up Artist/Hairstylist to this package £100.

Maggie’s photo shoot sessions, allow for you to get the best headshots, with lighting designed to make you look like you on a good day.

A Make-Up Artist (MUA)/Hairstylist is not necessary for actor headshots, who must look like their headshots when they turn up for auditions/castings.  Working with a MUA/Hairstylist for model portfolio, or a make-over photo shoot, it is recommended to make the most of your session.

Actor Headshots options/packages: session sitting fee covers your session with the Photographer, and includes as many changes of clothes as you like/can fit in your session, and postproduction (retouching*, and digital image transfer*).  Your favourite selected image(s) will be processed, lightly retouched**, * provided digitally as both colour and black and white, both small for web/emailing and high resolution image file for you to use to print 8x10s.  

** Photo Digital Image Retouching Guideline For Actor Headshots: Permanent features (scars/wrinkles/etc that make you unique) are left untouched, so you are still recognisably you, as when you turn up to auditions, the casting director expects you to turn up to the casting looking similar the professional headshot you/your agent applies to acting castings with. Blemishes, the odd stray hair etc removed, perhaps a bad night’s sleep digitally rejuvenated under your eyes, slight whitening of teeth, etc: all possible. 

Your headshots photos need to look like current you walking through the casting directors door today; (not three years ago you, or before you changed your hair cut/colour, or got that new face tattoo, cut off your beard/mustache etc).  So when you walk into the audition or submit your self tape, the Casting Director gets what they were expecting to see, and you can focus on your acting performance and have the best chance at letting your talent shine and hopefully booking the role and leaving an positive impression, ideally putting yourself in the running for consideration for future roles.

How to book

Stills photography portraits portfolio and pr package for Talent, Actor and Actress Headshots, Presenters, Models, and non-showbiz individuals too:
  1. Contact Maggie directly, or use the form below to choose the package which best suits your needs.
  2. Choose your photo-shoot date and your session start time (add it to your diary)
  3. After you click Submit, check the details, then click Place Order, you will be redirected to Paypal to pay for your package to confirm your booking and secure your session.

We will discuss the most convenient options for where the shoot will take place. 

On the day of your photo-shoot, please arrive promptly at your selected session start time to make the most of your photo shoot session.

Booking your session with us means you agreed to these Terms & Conditions, please read the T&C prior to making your booking, many thanks.

If you have any questions, please contact Maggie at

Thank you for choosing Margaret Yescombe Photography to create your Headshot/Portrait for portfolio/home use.

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Appointment booking

Book your actor headshots session via the online booking calendar above

For showreel video editing, click here for more info and to book.  

Extra images

Additional images are £80 each per each client selected photograph, will be processed and lightly retouched*, provided as both small (for web/emailing) and high resolution (for you to print your 10×8 headshots), and in both colour, and black & white versions. Extra images do not need to be pre-ordered.