To connect your fashion collection with it’s customers, clear, stylish images of your collection(s) are a vital tool to showing to a wider audience, raising brand awareness, and making sales. 

Photo: Fashion and Portrait Photographer Photographer Maggie Yescombe, Studio Hackney London, lookbook catalogue, Boutique Fashion Retailer and Fashion Designer Collection Photography


All inclusive studio* from

£850 per day

£450 per half day

£125 per hour

* includes studio space, fashion photographer, art direction, camera and lighting equipment, and digital storage as standard. 

Working hours begin at 9am and finish at 6pm, with one hour for lunch.


Images prices per each client selected photograph, will be processed/retouched*, provided as both small for web/emailing and high resolution:

  • £250 one image* 
  • £175 each for two images
  • £150 each for three images
  • £135 each for four images
  • £100 each for five or more images

(* minimum order + £tbc expenses for any other team members where applicable)

Photo: by Maggie Yescombe Fashion Photographer Hackney London, imagery produced for Core Spirit Designer Boutique, Look book and advertising

Additional considerations / services

Pre-production meeting             £400 per day

Model Casting & booking           £600 per day

Model booking                           £400 per day

Studio catering                           £10 per head

Ecommerce Stylist                     £150 per day

Styling sourcing day                   £200 per day

Prop Stylist                                 £350 per day

Make-up & Hair stylist                £400 per day

Additional assistant                    £75 per hour

Courier                                       at cost

Crew travel                                 at cost


Photography retouching             from £100 per hour*

*Compositing (up to 60mins per image), Creative retouch (up to 30mins per image), Clean up (up to 8mins per image), Cut outs (up to 4 mins per image).

In most cases the Photographers Creative Fee provides usage of the photos for either:  (1 media use, 2 years, 1 territory) or (2 medias, 1 year, 1 territory).

e.g.: 10x outfits collection, studio, photographer, retouching of 10 images, digital image transfer, image license for use on your fashion website and social media profiles, for 1 year: £1000.

Or, if you’d like to use the images elsewhere, for longer, eg in printed catalogues, or for an advertising campaign, another territory, etc, an licence extension fee will be required for further usage.

Contact Maggie prior to booking to discuss your usage needs.

Photo: by Fashion campaign photographer Margaret (Maggie) Yescombe, behind the scenes in her photographic studio in Clapton, Hackney, East London. Model: Elisabeth, Make-Up Artist (MUA) Hairstylist: Dorota Nowacka. Red lipstick, dark hair, beige beauty

Happy to work with your preferred creative team. 

If you would like help with selecting/casting/booking additional creative team members please contact Maggie to discuss, prior to booking, many thanks.


Online fashion lookbooks & campaign photography bookings not currently available :

please contact Maggie to confirm availability, your quote, and book, many thanks. 


How to book

  1. Use the form below to choose the Lookbook session which best suits your needs.
  2. Choose your photo-shoot date and your studio session start time (add it to your diary)
  3. After you click Submit, check the details, then click Place Order, you will be redirected to Paypal to pay for your package to confirm your booking and secure your Fashion Lookbook session.

On the day of your photo-shoot, please arrive promptly at your selected session start time to make the most of your studio session.

Booking your session with us means you agreed to these Terms & Conditions, please read the T&C prior to making your booking, many thanks.

If you have any questions, please contact Maggie at

Thank you for choosing Margaret Yescombe Studio Photography to create fashion imagery of your collection, to use promote your fashion brand.  We look forward to welcoming you to our London studio.

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