Stills Photography

Your quote will be calculated in consideration of the details of your project’s specific needs and the below details:

  • Photographer Creative Fee (scale varies dependent on the individual project’s outline requirements)
  • Image usage licensing needs (where/how you would like to use the imagery e.g. packaging, website, or a Buyout (e.g. for TV, or Print)).  To calculate usage licensing costs we take into account 3 main things: 
    • the Media use, 
    • the Period of use (a longer license will have a higher fee), &
    • the Territory of use (UK, US, etc).
    • this ensures you are only paying for only as much as usage as you need
  • Travel expenses if shoot is takes place away from The Hackney Loft studio, London E5
  • Location Hire fees if applicable.
  • Additional creative shoot team members (e.g. Make-Up Artist/Hairstylist, Stylist, Assistant, Model)
  • Boutique digital retouching of the images you select.

In most cases the Creative Fee provides image license usage of the photos for either:  

(1 media use, 2 years, 1 territory) or (2 medias, 1 year, 1 territory). 

There is a minimum number of purchased images, this varies.

To confirm your booking a deposit/or the total fee is required.

If you have additional production costs (Models, stylists, assistants and equipment rental companies, they must be paid whether or not you buy/use any images), payment will be required to cover these expenses when booking.

If you wish to expand your usage of the image from the original terms included in your package quote, contact Maggie, a license extension fee would be due for any extra uses (e.g. further years of usage, or additional territories, or additional medias) that you need from the images.

Please read T&C prior to booking.

Maggie looks forward to providing an imaging solution for your needs.  

Email Maggie at 


Hourly Rate:

Day Rate (up to 8 hours):

Half-day rate (up to 4 hours):
(Press is incorporated into the hourly fee)

UK usage all media:

Worldwide all media:


48 sheet (hoardings):

Adshel (bus-stops):

Point of sale:




Internet Use:


£100 Minimum 2 hours.









£200 i.e./ 200% of hourly rate

2nd & Subsequent years add 10% onto original fee e.g.
Adshel 2nd year would be £700 + £70 = £770
Adshel 3rd Year would be £770 + £77 = £847

Often included in press/hourly fee but to be discussed.

Additional considerations / services

Pre-production meeting             £400 per day

Model Casting & booking           £600 per day

Model booking                           £400 per day

Catering                                    £TBC per head at cost,

Ecommerce Stylist                     £150 per day

Styling sourcing day                   £200 per day

Prop Stylist                                 £350 per day

Make-up & Hair stylist                £400 per day

Additional assistant                    £75 per hour

Courier                                       at cost

Crew travel                                 at cost


Photography retouching             from £100 per hour*

*Compositing (up to 60mins per image), Creative retouch (up to 30mins per image), Clean up (up to 8mins per image), Cut outs (up to 4 mins per image).