Creative Video Production

Video Production

Directing, filming, and editing

• Concept development
• Production planning
• 1 person production shoot with shooting kit
• Post production editing, colour management/grading, graphics and titling

Video Production £600 per running minute (minimum £600 per project) + Video Editing @ £300*/daily rate = Total fee depending your project’s requirements

*except for Editorial Feature Film Video Editing rates, which are dependent on film’s budget as per BECTU.

Other considerations not included
  • Additional Video Production Crew, e.g. Sound Recording/Boom Operator.
  • Additional Hire Equipment if applicable.
  • Set Design, Set Builders, Art Dept Set Stylists/Props.
  • Where the shoot will take place: Studio (small, medium, large), or Location (interior/exterior), location scout, and Location hire/permits costs.
  • Talent: Actors, Supporting Background Artists, Models, Musicians, Dancers.
  • BTS Creatives: Hair/Make-up, Wardrobe, Clothes Styling.
  • Sustenance for the team on shoot days: Catering Cast/Crew Breakfast (depending on call time), Lunch, and Dinner (depending on wrap time). 
  • Type of catering: Catering can be arranged for your project at cost (pre-book); So all team members diets is catered for, may we suggest a vegan menu with gluten free and nut free options.
  • Logistics of where meals be eaten to suit the shoot Location and climate conditions as applicable, to keep the team safe, happy and at their most productive (e.g. interior location, or heated/air conditioned dining bus hire). 
  •  Crew, Cast & Equipment Transport (e.g. passenger van(s) with appropriate driving licenses to carry multiple people to/from base location to shoot location) may also need consideration depending on the needs of the project.


Assemble Your Actor Showreel £100

  • Video Editing
  • Sound levels
  • Titling

Supply your video footage/clips to be edited in the order you’d like them to create your actors showreel, with title credits/contact details, to use to apply for your next acting role… does stardom await you?


Video Services Booking

Contact Maggie via the online contact form, about your moving image / video filming and editing needs.

Arrange a convenient time to discuss your video needs via whichever format you’re most comfortable with: email, text, phone, video call (via FaceTime, or Skype).

Upload/Send your footage/clips to via or similar free service for sending larger sized video files.